Medical Laboratory Technician

Associate in Applied Science

Modes of Instruction

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Kaskaskia College is partnering with Frontier Community College in Fairfield to offer a Medical Laboratory Technician program to students in the KC District. An MLT performs several analytical tests that help physicians diagnose and treat diseases.

Primary job duties include:

* Preparing specimens.
* Collecting blood samples.
* Accurately monitoring tests and procedures.
* Matching blood for transfusions.
* Analyzing the chemical content of fluids.

In addition, technicians handle sophisticated lab equipment that searches for microorganisms, including cell counters, microscopes, and automated analyzers. MLTs also have diverse functions in clinical decision-making, information management, regulatory compliance, and quality assurance.

Program Details

What you Can Do

MLT graduates can find careers with hospitals and clinic laboratories, veterinarian laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, public health organizations, and blood or organ banks. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for MLTs continues to grow, proving their importance in the healthcare industry. By 2028, the job outlook is projected to grow by 11%, much faster than the average for most occupations. As a result, a significant turnover in the MLT field is expected within the next 5 to 10 years in the southern Illinois region.

Graduates also can continue their education and pursue a bachelor’s degree to become a Medical Laboratory Scientist. This achievement allows individuals to work in laboratory management and education and receive a higher salary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the Medical Laboratory Technician program? For Frequently Asked Questions please visit Frontier Community College.


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