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Modes of Instruction

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The mission of the English Department is to help students become competent writers, researchers, and readers. We offer courses in basic English and general education courses that fulfill requirements for the Associate of Art (A.A.), Associate of Science (A.S.), and Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degrees as well as some program certificates. Most students are required to take English 101, which focuses on writing essays and reviewing grammar skills, and English 102, which focuses on conducting research and writing argumentative research papers. We also offer courses for the creative writer as well as a plethora of literature courses that expand students’ understanding of various literary forms (from fiction to poetry to film) and their appreciation of various cultures and time periods.


ENGL 099: Writing Effective Sentences and Paragraphs

ENGL 100: Introduction to College Composition

ENGL 101: English Composition I

ENGL 102: English Composition II

ENGL 178: Creative Writing

LITO 103: Introduction to Literature

LITO 105: Introduction to Poetry

LITO 110: Classical Mythology

LITO 115: Film Appreciation

LITO 117: Film and Literature

LITO 202: English Literature

LITO 205: American Literature

LITO 206: Tolkien

LITO 210: Shakespeare


Program Details

Discipline Student Learning Outcomes

  • To demonstrate grammatical competency in standard, written English. 
  • To demonstrate competency in the various steps of the writing process (from topic generation to audience to purpose to message) utilizing standard, formal English. 
  • To organize and express thought in a unified, coherent, well-developed expository essay. 
  • To research and synthesize information culminating in an argumentative, researched essay. 
  • To demonstrate competency in interview skills.

Gen Ed Student Learning Outcomes

  • Critical Thinking
  • Understanding of Diversity
  • Computational Skills
  • Communication
  • Research Skills


Steve Normansell

Steve Normansell

Professor of English
Susan Hardebeck

Susan Hardebeck

Professor of English
John Orlet

John Orlet

Professor of English
Joshua Woods

Joshua Woods

Professor of English
Clint Stevens

Clint Stevens

Associate Professor of English

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