Memoirs - Writing Your Life Story

Course Overview

Course Code: LLI-7607

Department: Life-Long Learning

Credit Hours: 0.00

Textbook Information: Bookstore website

Writing the story of your life can heal, inspire, and entertain and only you can do it. This course leads you quickly through the process from idea to manuscript, helping you write like a pro. Only you can write your own life story. Who will you honor by your story? A parent, a place of importance, a timely event, or even a cherished pet? Any event worthy of record. Give credence to your life, by your notes!

Course Schedule


Term: Fall 2022 Non-Credit (Late Starting)

Section Name: LLI-7607-GR01D

Location: Greenville

Available Seats: 3

Faculty Name: D. Ruble

Min Credits: 0.00

Comments: The cost of this class is $30.00.

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