Countertop Cooking

Course Overview

Course Code: MENU-0111

Department: Community Education

Credit Hours: 0.00

Textbook Information: Bookstore website

Use your Instant Pot, Electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, and Crockopt to make delicious meals! We'll create breakfast, soups, dinners, and desert to enjoy and share. Discussion will include where to find hints, tips, and ideas for using your countertop cooking devices.

Course Schedule


Term: 2021NSP

Section Name: MENU-0111-VA01E

Location: Vandalia

Available Seats: 12

Faculty Name: M. Pennington

Min Credits: 0.00

Comments: In this class students will make a variety of barbeque sauces using a pressure cooker, such as an InstaPot. On the second day, they will add the ir choice of pulled pork, chicken or beef. The co st of this class is $30.00, plus a $5.00 fee to t he instructor for ingredients. Students will also be given a list of items to bring to class. Spac e is limited due to COVID-19 guidelines.

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