Associate in Art

Program Curriculum - ENGL_9115_DEGR

First Semester
  **See Below (3-6 credit hours) 3.00
ENGL-101 English Composition 3.00
GUID-109 First Year College Experience 1.00
LITO-103 Introduction to Literature 3.00
LITO-201 British Literature Survey, Part 1 3.00

Second Semester
  ** See Below (6-9 credit hours) 6.00
DRMA-111 Theatre Appreciation 3.00
ENGL-102 English Composition 3.00
PSYH-101 Psychology 3.00
LITO-202 British Literature Survey, Part 2 3.00

Third Semester
LITO-204 American Literature 3.00
PHLE-120 Ethics 3.00
  ** See Below (3-6 credit hours) 3.00
LITO-203 Native American Literature 3.00
LITO-115 Film Appreciation 3.00

Fourth Semester
COMM-103 Fundamentals of Speech Communication 3.00
LITO-205 American Literature 3.00
LITO-110 Classical Mythology 3.00
  ** See Below (6-9 credit hours) 6.00
LITO-210 Shakespeare 3.00

**Students must take at least one math course (130 or any other AA approved math course); one physical science course and one life science course; and one of these must include a lab; at least two additional social and behavioral science courses; and at least three health and personal development courses. Please see the degree sheet for specific courses.