Preparing for Success: Brittany Phillips

December 14, 2021

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Kaskaskia College student Brittany Phillips

As she prepares to complete her final semester at Kaskaskia College, student Brittany Phillips of Woodlawn has already taken steps to continue her academic career. Phillips recently won a scholarship to Greenville University through the Panther Preferred Scholarship program, where she plans to attend in fall 2022.

During the competition, Phillips had to work with other students to develop a one-month social media plan and present it to three judges. With only a short time to prepare the plan and the presentation, Phillips says that’s when the skills she learned in her Kaskaskia College speech class from Professor Brandi Wilkins came into play.

“My group decided that we would split the speaking time between everyone, so when it was my time to deliver my part of the presentation, I remembered everything that I had learned since August,” said Phillips. “I paid attention to how loud and quiet I needed to be. I paid attention to my movement because that is something that I was not the greatest at. I paid attention to when and for how long I needed to have pauses because they can add something special to the speech and keep the audience on their toes.”

Phillips was so compelling that after her presentation, one of the judges had asked her if her major was public speaking. While that isn’t her career option, Phillips will be able to use her speaking skills in her career of choice as an elementary education teacher.

Once she was notified she had received the scholarship, one of the first people Phillips contacted was Wilkins. “She has been my biggest supporter with my speeches,” stated Phillips. “She always made sure to tell us what we did good on and what we needed to work on. Remembering what I did well helped calm my nerves prior to that day, and remembering what I needed to work on gave me something to focus on when presenting that day.”

For her part, Professor Brandi Wilkins is exceptionally proud of Phillips. “Britt has worked diligently to improve her organization, outlining, and delivery skills throughout this semester. She appreciates and is very receptive to feedback on her speeches which has helped her become a more confident public speaker. Britt contacted me to let me know she earned a scholarship to Greenville University, and her public speaking skills were commended as part of the scholarship process.”

Phillips is one of many students who have discovered how speech and communication classes taught by Wilkins at KC provide a strong foundation in careers ranging from marketing and advertising to corporate and education training. Even as her time at KC is winding down, Phillips is proud of the education she has received.

“I have absolutely loved my time here at Kaskaskia College, and I hate that it is soon coming to an end as I graduate in May. The classes can be hard at times, but the staff here are friendly and will do anything to see you succeed. I highly recommend Kaskaskia College to anyone who is thinking about going. Your success is also their success.”

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