Kaskaskia College partners with Parkland College on Precision Agriculture and Animal Science Programs

January 27, 2021

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Kaskaskia College and Parkland College have approved articulation agreements to allow students to take advantage of each other’s programs. 

Kaskaskia College students can attend Parkland’s Precision Agriculture Program in Champaign at Parkland College's district rates. In contrast, Parkland students can attend Kaskaskia College’s Animal Science Program at KC's district rates. 

Precision agriculture is a farm management concept that employs the latest technology to maximize crop yields. Precision agriculture education features data analytics, drones, and remote sensing equipment to help growers make essential decisions on seeding, variable-rate fertilizer application, and crop health indicators. 

“We are pleased to partner with the Parkland College Agriculture program and faculty to provide access to our students who desire to study Precision Agriculture,” said Aaron Heinzmann, KC Agriculture Professor. “The career pathway is quickly growing for Precision Agriculture, and it is our mission to provide the best possible educational opportunities for students in the KC district.” 

Heinzmann notes that Parkland College has established an outstanding program with excellent industry knowledge.  Parkland College’s Precision Agriculture program is the No. 2 among the nation’s community colleges. “This will provide immediate access to an already developed program with incredible results to our students,” said Heinzmann.

“We believe leveraging partnerships between colleges to collaborate, share resources, and faculty expertise is the next generation of education,” said Jenni Fridgen, Parkland College Agriculture Department Chair. “Kaskaskia College is recognized as a leading institution with committed industry partners and faculty expertise to support a robust Animal Science program.  This partnership provides our agriculture students with an opportunity to seek an Animal Science degree, which they cannot currently seek at Parkland College.”

Kaskaskia College's Animal Science Program provides a well-rounded blend of animal science courses and practical application.  Students enrolled in the animal science program obtain knowledge of the livestock industry's current practices, gaining confidence in raising, producing, and market livestock. Other focus areas in Kaskaskia College's animal science program focus on animal management, health, handling, facilities design, and waste management. 


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