Kaskaskia College HVAC Program Receives New Ice Machine from Manitowoc Ice

February 1, 2021

Students and KC staff with new ice machine

From left to right: Tyler Moody (Salem), Jacob Bruce (Salem), Jon Minor (Centralia), Austin Bunker (Odin), Dean of Allied Health and Nursing Julie Obermark, Malania Duecker (Nashville), KC HVAC Professor Mark Kohnen, Hunter Jourdan (Odin), Nicholas Bunker (Odin)

Kaskaskia College's Heating, Vent, and Air Condition Program received a donation of a brand-new ice machine, courtesy of Manitowoc Ice. Manitowoc Ice is a recognized name in ice machines and ice technology as one of the Welbilt family of companies. Headquartered in Wisconsin, Manitowoc Ice is responsible for dozens of technological leaps in ice production, including diagnostics, cleaning, maintenance, and display.

"We're very grateful to Manitowoc Ice for donating a new unit since it can be a struggle to get decent training machines," said Mark Kohnen, KC HVAC professor. "The ice machine is a great addition to the student lab for learning."

Students will utilize the ice machine in the HVAC lab for testing operating pressures for refrigeration, water levels, and water pumping operation for ice formation. The machine has a harvest cycle that involves a defrost mechanism to allow ice to release from the evaporator. All of these ice machines' features are valuable for the student experience since they are quite different from traditional air conditioning machinery.

"We're thankful to Manitowoc Ice for the donation and to Professor Mark Kohnen for his dedication to making sure the HVAC program remains cutting edge," said KC President George Evans.

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