Kaskaskia College Alum, Tyler Woods, Accepted to Prestigious Essex E15 Acting School in England

May 11, 2020

KC Alum Tyler Woods

Tyler Woods began his college education at Kaskaskia College after graduating in 2015 from Wesclin Sr. High School.  He finished his community college education in 2016 with an Associate in Arts Degree. 

While a student at KC, Tyler was extremely active in Student Government, the Theatre Guild, Choir, and was a member of Phi Theta Kappa.  He also hosted a weekly video segment, entitled “The Word with Woods”, which showcased different departments around the KC campus.  These segments were shared on KC’s social media sites and were viewed by students, faculty staff, alumni and the community.

After graduating from KC, he transferred to The Conservatory at Webster University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Dramaturgy and Theatre Studies.  He also studied at Roehampton University in London for a semester through a study abroad program.

Woods gives accolades to KC Professor David Quinn, the Director of the Theatre Program at KC.  “Professor Quinn truly gave me an opportunity to perform. In addition, he offered classes that assisted me with my transfer to Webster as well as offered a Shakespeare class, which was incredibly helpful when I studied in London”.

When asked about specific people at KC who made a difference in his life, Tyler says that “the KC staff and faculty felt like a massive family and I truly enjoy the relationships I made. In addition, I made friends who I still am in contact with and hold tons of fun memories.  These include David Quinn, Lynda Marshall, Scott Crothers, Travis Henson, Cathy Karrick, Clint Stevens, Josh Woods, Erin Landers, Beth Moore, Amy Sapp, Jeff Sulcer, Sue Hardebeck, and Jill Klostermann.

Woods adds, “Kaskaskia offered me the Board of Trustees Academic Scholarship right out of high school that paid for my associate degree.  In addition, I had no idea what specifically I wanted to study. I was even wondering which university to even attend after KC. While attending KC, I was able to see what college life was like, which prepared me for when I went away”. 

Woods will now be focusing on attending Essex E15 Acting School, located in Loughton, which is a suburb of London. The actual campus of the University of Essex is located in the east of England. “As part of the Master’s in Acting Program I will be in the United Kingdom for a year, studying the classical European ways of acting. In addition, they offer a two-week course at the Globe Theatre.” The Globe Theatre, located on the River Thames in London, was built by William Shakespeare’s theatrical group where many of his famous plays were first performed.  Woods adds that Britain is a fantastic place to study theatre. “Drama is rooted deeply in the culture of that old island. I look forward to studying and developing my craft with professionals who have worked in some of the major companies in the world. I was very drawn to the British culture when I studied there in 2018. It is a sense of coziness and community that sometimes we don’t get here in the States”.

Woods is also currently an actor and theatre teacher in St. Louis starting with Equity (America’s Actor’s Union) points with the show, “Shakespeare in Love.” In addition, he performed in St. Charles’ Halloween and Christmas festivals and taught and directed children’s productions with COCA and Stages St. Louis. When not doing theatre gigs he can be found riding his bike around Tower Grove Park or working at the City Museum.

Woods also says that “KC allowed me to save money towards going to Webster, as well as, my master’s I am pursuing at E15 Acting School. Attending KC allowed me to also decide what I truly wanted to do. This is what I believe is best about it, as well as other community colleges. It gave me a chance to decide what I wanted to go into, while getting my general education requirements out of the way”.

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