Margaret Conley of Trenton Receives the Honorary Associate in Science Degree

May 16, 2019

Margaret Conley

Pictured is KC President George Evans and Margaret Conley.

Kaskaskia College is proud to announce that Margaret Conley of Trenton has been awarded the Honorary Associate in Science Degree.  This honorary degree is the highest honor bestowed upon an individual by the Board of Trustees and was created to recognize individuals who have given so much of themselves to the growth, development, and promotion of the College as to warrant an award of such high prestige and esteem.

Margaret has provided dedicated service to the growth, development and educational opportunities for the people of the Kaskaskia Community College District #501 for over forty years.  Her contributions have also included continuous and dedicated community service, including serving as Mayor of Trenton, City Councilman of Trenton, and member of the Trenton Chamber of Commerce and as a Kaskaskia College Foundation Trustee.

Margaret served as a key member of the Kaskaskia College Trenton Education Center Capital Campaign and was instrumental in raising the needed funds to make the project a reality for the citizens of Trenton.  She has continued her involvement in the College’s Trenton Center through advisory boards and community engagement meetings, providing leadership in ensuring KC offers the programs and services residents on the western side of its district need and expect.  Margaret is also a proud promotor of Kaskaskia College helping to spread the word about the opportunities available through a KC education.  As a Foundation Trustee, Margaret has worked to raise funds to provide the resources students need to achieve their educational goals.  Also, thanks to Margaret’s efforts with the South Central Mass Transit District, transportation routes have been established which ensure that students can reach a KC campus or education center at times convenient for them.  Thereby eliminating another barrier some students may experience in completing their education.

Margaret Conley has made a difference in the lives of so many others through her attitude of servanthood, generosity and time, and has been a true asset to Kaskaskia College and the community.


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