Kaskaskia College Launches “Snack Station” for Students

May 30, 2019

KC Snack Station

The Academic Center for Excellence team, in coordination with Student Services, launched the “KC Snack Station” April 1st.  This is a resource available to KC students and employees who are dealing with food insecurity.  Student hunger has been well documented and our college district fairs worse when compared to national and Illinois data.  Many colleges and universities in Illinois offer food assistance support of some kind.  According to Laura Vahlkamp, Director of the ACE, “KC modeled our program after Lewis and Clark College.  Our goal is to provide a small snack to those who are hungry.  It is difficult to focus and be successful when you are hungry.”  The program is currently being promoted through KC TV, posters across campus, referrals from all employees, and email. 

During the month of April, the Snack Station received over 1102 donations of food units and over 100 toiletry items.  The Snack Station was visited by over 64 individuals and 94 individual food units were consumed.  The April Professional Growth and Development staff development day was the Snack Station’s first donation drive.  Over 300 units of food were donated and $166 was contributed to the project.  Pictured below are ACE staff with the donations collected.

Pictured is KC Academic Center of Excellence staff member - Cambrie Huge (Odin), ACE Student Worker; Lauren Stengel (Greenville), ACE Student Worker; Beth Moore (Salem) ACE Specialist; Nick Bowman (Carlyle), ACE Student Worker; Kerri Richards (Salem), Associate Professor of Office Systems Technology; Shannon Zelasko (Centralia), Lead Resource Specialist; Michele Hill (Hoffman), ACE Specialist; and Laura Vahlkamp (Carlyle), ACE Director.


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