Chris Browne

Assistant Professor of Cosmetology

Chris Browne
Main Campus
Health and Professional Careers, PC 148

Year Hired

Associate in Applied Science and licensed Cosmetology Instructor in Illinois

Student Organizations
Cosmetology Club Sponsor
Co-Sponsor of SkillsUSA

Awards & Recognitions 
Assessment of Year Award
Faculty of the Year Award

Professional Affiliations
Member of Illinois Association of Cosmetology Schools, Trainer for SkillsUSA Cosmetology competition

If we had a chance to talk with any of our former students, what would they tell us about you and your classes? They would definitely say that I am a morning person. I love to be happy in the mornings and create a learning environment that is educational and fun. I would also hope that they say that my classes are relevant. If you teach a subject but the student doesn’t realize its importance to their future, I feel you just wasted their time! I want to teach salon survival – information for that will help create a life-long profession and what a BEAUTIFUL profession it is!

What did you do before you began teaching at Kaskaskia College? Before I started teaching at Kaskaskia College, I worked in a salon in Millstadt, IL. Once I started as an adjunct instructor I still continued to work in the salon. This was vital for me as a mentor to my students. I needed to stay fresh in the industry and be able to bring my salon experiences into the classroom. Once I began teaching full-time at the college, I left the salon and started a traveling salon in the evenings/weekends.

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