Bonnie Huels

Professor of Sociology

Bonnie Huels
Main Campus
Health and Business, HB 215

Year Hired
December of 1999 – became full-time faculty member in the Fall, 2004

Masters – dual disciplines Sociology (Human Services) and Business

Awards & Recognitions 
2013 “You Make a Difference”

Professional Affiliations
KC Friends of the Fine Arts
KC Sports Association
KC Alumni & Friends Association

What are my goals as a teacher at Kaskaskia College? My goal as a teacher at Kaskaskia College is to encourage, educate and inspire my students to learn how to, and not be afraid to, step out of their comfort zone to accomplish their goals in life. I want my students to apply critical thinking skills they have learned in my class to help them solve problems at work and in their home life.

How do I inspire my students to learn? I like to change things up in my classroom to keep my students inspired to learn. Instead of the traditional lecture, I incorporate academic activities that get my students to actively participate in the class. I believe in varying my teaching methods to keep my students engaged in learning.

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