Health Information Technology
Associate in Applied Science

The Health Information Technician possesses both administrative and technical skills necessary to maintain components of health record systems consistent with the medical, administrative, ethical, legal, accreditation, and regulatory requirements of the health care delivery system. The Health Information Technician technically analyzes and evaluates health records according to standards; compiles various types of administrative and health statistics for use in planning and evaluating; codes symptoms, diseases, operations, procedures, and other therapies; develops and maintains the electronic health record; develops and maintains the electronic health record; releases health information; and maintains and utilizes a variety of health record indexes and storage and retrieval systems.

In addition, the Health Information Technician plays an important role in ensuring the health care facility receives maximum reimbursement for treatment rendered, abstracts discharge data to support quality management activities, supports committee chairpersons in carrying out committee functions, and supervises one or more health record service activities.

Admission Worksheets

Requirements for Application

  1. Graduated from an approved high school, or shall demonstrate equivalent competency (G.E.D. examination).
  2. English placement
  3. Demonstrate typing proficiency
First Semester
BIOL 101 Biology 4
OFTC 150 Medical Terminology/Anatomy 3
CITA 151 Intro to Computer Applications 4
HITC 101 Intro to Health Information 3
MATH 136 General Statistics 4

Second Semester
BIOL 121 Anatomy and Physiology 4
OFTC 152 Advanced Medical Terminology/Anatomy* 3
OFTC 252 Medical Terminology and Transcriptions** 3
HITC 102 Health Records Systems 3
HITC 103 Health Records Systems Lab 1
HITC 215 Fundamentals of Medical Science 4

Third Semester
ENGL 101 English Composition 3
HITC 201 Health Data and Statistics 2
HITC 202 Clinical Practicum I 2
HITC 203 Management in Health Care 3
HITC 204 Coding 5
HITC 211 Medico Legal Aspects 2

Fourth Semester
HITC 210 CPT Coding 3
HITC 212 Quality Management 3
HITC 213 Clinical Practicum II 2
HITC 214 HI in Non-Traditional Setting 2
HITC 216 Reimbursement Management 3
SPCH 103 Fund of Speech 3
  *Elective (Humanities/Fine Arts or Social/Behavioral Sciences) 3

Total Credit hours for Degree: 71 credit hours

Pre-Requisite OFTC 111 or Proficiency or Instructor permission

Students must maintain "C" overall average plus "C" or better in HITC 101, 102, 103, 203, 204 & 215.

Students wanting to transfer to SIU-C in Healthcare Management must complete ECON 206. This course would satisfy the required elective.

*Elective in Humanities/Fine Arts or Social/Behavioral Sciences must be an IAI (Illinois Approved Initiative) course.

Note: This is a SICCM sponsored program. The majority of the courses will be in Herrin at the SICCM location. The general education courses are at the KC campus. Kaskaskia College will be the degree granter for this program.

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