Systems Portfolio

     Development of the Systems Portfolio began with the initial Strategy Forum attended by a team from KC in 2006 and was completed by the HLC deadline of June 1, 2009. Following is a detailed timeline for the Portfolio beginning with the active, direct development activities in March 2008.

March 2008 – Write Charter for Systems Portfolio.
     Educate administration, faculty and staff about expectations at March 20 In-Service.
     Form teams & study format, questions, expectations.
     Develop website content for AQIP communication to all staff.
April 2008 – Kellie, Nancy, Beth, & Sedgwick attend AQIP session at HLC Annual Meeting.
     Complete Organizational Overview.
     Identify best 1/3 of questions for definite responses.
     Develop initial crosswalk with HLC criteria to make certain all key areas are covered.
     AQIP informational website functional.
May 2008 – Begin data gathering and writing for Results & Improvement questions.
     Critique of Organizational Overview.
     Complete data gathering for at least half of questions for each team.
     Report to the Board of Trustees.
Summer 2008 – Data cutoff for most aspects of Portfolio project.
August 2008 – Communicate updates of status to staff at opening week In-Service.
September and October 2008 – Develop question responses, reports, charts, etc.
     Reports to the Board of Trustees in September and October.
November 2008 – Wrap up final reports, charts, and information for submission to author (Beth).
December 2008 – All reports due to author from teams.
January 2009 – Author works on compilation of first draft.
     Identify internal and external readers/editors.
February 2009 – First draft compiled for readers.
March 2009 – Internal and external readers & editors review Portfolio .
April 2009 – Kellie, Nancy and Tim attend AQIP Colloquium at HLC Annual Meeting.
     Begin developing index to the five HLC criteria.
May 2009 – Make final revisions and polish.
     Finalize indexing to the five HLC criteria.
     Secure approval of President Underwood.
June 1, 2009 – Upload project, print, bind and send to AQIP at HLC.
     Report to the College Council and Board of Trustees.

2013 Systems Portfolio

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