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Common Questions

Q: Should I include my GPA on my Resume?

A: This depends on your GPA, the career field you are pursuing, and other qualifications in your background. Some employers tend to place a high importance on your GPA. You do not want to risk employers assuming that it is low. Although, in some careers the GPA is not an important factor in an employers' decision. Ask your Career Services Specialist for recommendations based on your individual circumstance.

Q: What size font should I use on my cover letter and resume?

A: You should use the same font for your resume and cover letter. Generally, fonts between 10-12 are okay. However, beware: all font sizes are not the same size. Size varies by font style. For example, a Times New Roman size 10 is smaller than an Arial size 10.

Q: How can I decide what career is best for me?

A: Career Cruising is a good tool to use. Kaskaskia College will provide a log on and password to use this service. Please call the Success Center at 618.545.3155 for this information.

Q: How should I dress for an interview?

A: Lasting impressions are made within the first 10 seconds of meeting someone. It is very important to be dressed professional, neat, and simplicity is always best.

Q: How do I write a resume?

A: There are several types of resumes. You may use the Win Way resume program in the Success Center. If you need added assistance it is best to make an appointment with the Career Services Specialist by calling 618.545.3155.

Q: Do I have to include a cover letter when sending my resume?

A: This is a best practice. This is a good tool to introduce yourself. It can be tailored to different positions you are applying for. Using the Win Way Resume program, available in the Success Center would be an excellent beginning.

Q: How should I prepare for my interview?

A: Make sure to Practice! Practice! Practice! See "Interviewing Information" on this site for more details. You may also utilize the Success Center for Mock Interviewing services by calling 618.545.3155.

Q: Do I need to ask any questions during an interview?

A: Yes, you should have 4-6 questions ready for the employer. They can be about basic information about the job. But never ask questions about pay and benefits during an interview. Negotiating should only be done in an appropriate and professional manner, once the position has been offered to you.

Q: How much should I know about the company I am applying to?

A: As much as possible. Do your homework. Use your references and the Internet as a tool for information.

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