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"A man does not plant a tree for himself, he plants it for posterity." - Alexander Smith   


American Linden or Basswood
(Tilia americana)

Donated by Carlo and Stephanie Van Ulft
Tree Map Location: # 41
In Memory of Mat Van Ulft and Harland Wehman

American Linden or Basswood tree American Linden or Basswood leaves American Linden or Basswood fruit

Leaf: Alternate, simple, heart-shaped, 4"-7" long, shiny, dark green above, tufts of rusty hair beneath, margins sharply toothed.  
Flower: Flowers yellowish-white, fragrant.  
Fruit: Nut-like, thick-shelled, downy, about the size of a pea, borne in groups from a long stem attached to narrow modified leaf called a bract. The clustered fruit and bracts may remain on the tree until late winter.  
Twig: Green or reddish when young, turning brownish-red, usually zigzag, buds deep red to greenish usually lopsided with 2-3 visible scales.  
Bark: Young trunks smooth, dark gray, breaking into narrow scaly ridges on older trees  
Form: A large tree usually found in mixture with other hardwoods on moist, rich valley soils. Wood used for a variety of products including boxes venetian blinds, sashes, doors, picture frames and furniture. Also called Basswood.  
Source: PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources  

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