Standard 5 - Student Services

Standard 5.1 – Learning Assessment

For students to develop the skills and knowledge required to service today’s automobiles, each student must possess, or be given the opportunity to develop, essential foundation skills in reading, mathematics, science, and mechanical aptitude. To this end, a formal skills assessment instrument (process) for these fundamental skills should be used to evaluate students to ensure that each student has a reasonable probability of success as an automobile technician. Testing procedures and how the test results will be used (e.g., placement, assessment of student’s developmental needs, etc.) should be stated in program explanatory material, and justification for all requirements should be available.

  1. … Provide the policy statement and a description of the process used for learning assessment. Learning assessment may take place prior to or early in the program. Provide a copy of the assessment instrument, if available.
    • Kaskaskia College requires all entering credit students to take institutional placement test (ASSET or COMPASS test) or provide formal documentation of basic learning skills. It is recommended that applicants submit scores from the American College Testing (ACT) program. as outlined in the Kaskaskia College Catalog page 17. Students scoring in the developmental range on the English placement test must enroll in appropriate college reading and/or writing courses prior to completion of six academic credit hours.
      As above, only if a transcript is not available the student would be required to take a math test.
      If a mechanical aptitude test is necessary for a special circumstance, the Automotive Program would have the responsibility for administering it. The Automotive Technology program is also using the National Automotive Student Skills Standards Assessment for beginning and graduating students.
  2. … Provide program explanatory material with pertinent information highlighted. Note availability for students.
    • The College Placement Testing procedure is outlined in the Seven Easy Steps for Enrolling at Kaskaskia College available in the Kaskaskia College Website. Compass testing is free of charge and taken at the Success center or at any of the five education centers. Help for interpreting test results is available that time of testing.
  3. … Highlight pertinent information in program materials, catalog, brochure, etc.
Standard 5.2 - Pre-admission Counseling

Prior to program admission, a student should be counseled regarding automotive careers.

  1. Applicants to the automotive technology program receive council from faculty and staff of the college prior to admission to the program. Faculty acceptance of students is performed on an individual basis and regularly includes some personal interaction between faculty and student. Furthermore students are encouraged to shadow professionals in the field prior to beginning the program.

  2. For evidence, see:
Standard 5.3 - Placement

A systematic student placement system should be used to assist program graduates to obtain employment in the automobile industry.

  1. Kaskaskia College Success Center assists students and alumni in job placement, résumé, interview skills. In addition to the personalized service we also register each automotive graduate in the College Central Network. The student may search through all the current jobs in the system, upload resume for employers to see, send resume directly to employers, or allow the Career Services Center to recommend jobs. Most students find jobs while in the program and work at least part-time.

  2. For evidence, see:
Standard 5.4 – Annual Follow-up

A follow-up system should be used to determine graduates' employment location and for feedback regarding the efficiency, effectiveness, and appropriateness of training. The follow-up procedure should be designed to assure feedback regarding needed additions to or deletions from the training curriculum, program, and tools and equipment. Follow-up of graduates employed outside of the automobile industry should indicate reasons for non-automobile service employment. When applicable, this information should be used to modify the training quality and/or content.

  1. … Provide an explanation and a sample document.
    • The Automotive Technology Program conduct survey on finals week and the information gained from these surveys is used to obtain student assessment of their training and the facilities.
  2. Describe the procedure to use the information obtained in follow-up and give an example of changes made to program based on feedback, if available.