Standard 4 - Finances


Standard 4.1 - Budget

An adequate annual budget should be developed, allocated, and used for the operation of the program. The budget should be prepared by the institutional administration in conjunction with the program faculty with input from the advisory committee. Budget status reports should be made available to program staff at least quarterly.

  1. ... State the process used to determine the program budget.
    • Budgets are submitted yearly and have included funds for equipment purchase. Instructors submit the yearly budget with a 3 year equipment plan and allotments are awarded upon justification of expenditures. See Planning and Budget Calendar.

    • Here is a simplified explanation of the annual budget process:
      1. Budget manual with guidelines and forms are sent to Deans and Department Directors
      2. Automotive faculty meet to prioritize budget requests
      3. Dean's and Vice President's Review to prioritize budget requests for our department
      4. Proposed (Draft) budgets are sent to the College Council
      5. Budget Hearing with all vice presidents and deans
      6. College wide budget is discussed (including a public meeting) and approved by the Board of Trustees
  2. … Provide budget information and highlight pertinent discussion regarding budget in Advisory Committee minutes
    • The automotive technology advisory committee receives the equipment budget at the spring advisory meeting. The advisory committee is asked for input on the purchase of equipment, supplies and materials and advised of major expenditures. Refer to Advisory Minutes 4.2; the examples include the purchase of shop equipment budget in the April 16, 2014, advisory meeting.
  3. … Refer to 4.1 A. Provide copies of budget requests. ETLs may interview program staff.
  4. … Provide a copy of the last quarter’s report

  5. For evidence, see: