Standard 11 - Work-Based Learning

WRITTEN POLICIES AND PROCEDURES SHOULD BE USED FOR WORK-BASED LEARNING PROGRAMS. (This applies only to programs that offer work-based learning.)

Standard 11.1 - Standards

The student training plan and performance standards should be developed and coordinated by the automobile instructor, and include employer expectations and role.

  1. … Show overall work-based learning plan, sample training plan, and progress of student into the workforce. The ETL will talk with instructor. This may be N/A.
    • The one of the goals of Kaskaskia College Automotive Technology Program is to give student real life skills and assessing students skills in the automotive lab with Tech Hour is the same as they will be on the job. The training plan is to use job sheet and work orders on work-based learning.

    • For evidence, see:

Standard 11.2 - Agreements

All agreements should be written and legally binding.

  1. … Show a sample agreement. This may be N/A.

  2. For evidence, see:

Standard 11.3 - Supervision

A supervising automobile instructor or supervising work-based coordinator should be assigned responsibility, authority, and time to coordinate and monitor automobile work-based learning programs.

  1. … Show written policy on supervision, identify the person responsible for supervision; the ETL should interview the person who supervises the work-based learning program. This may be N/A.
    • The Instructors are responsible for scheduling work based learning and supervising the students. An experienced, ASE certified, Instructional Assistant is available during lab activities to increase one-to-one instructional opportunities and to improve shop safety.