Standard 1 - Purpose


Standard 1.1 - Employment Potential

The employment potential for automobile technicians, trained to the level for the specialty or general areas outlined in the program goals, should exist in the geographic area served by the program.

  1. ... administration and use of an annual survey of employers to determine the needs of their potential employees.
    • Our department conducts regular employer needs survey. The results are used for advising students considering this career, justifying the cost of training to financial aid authorities, and tailoring our curriculum to the needs of the local community. In addition the results of this survey help the college to justify funding our automotive technology classes.
    • Employment opportunities for well-trained automotive technicians are increasing. Job vacancies occur at automobile dealerships, independent garages and repair shops, discount stores, tire centers, service centers, etc. Graduates of the AAS program are qualified for positions as mechanics and diagnostic technicians. ASE-certified graduates qualify for many entry-level positions.
    • The State of Illinois has rated the employment potential for "Automotive Mechanics and Service Technicians" as ... "Very Higher." For our local region they state ... "This occupation is expected to grow at a somewhat faster rate than the regional average growth rate for all occupations through 2020." Specific information can be obtained at - Illinois WorkNet and the - automotive student survey. -
  2. ... administration and use of an annual survey to determine the percentage of students who complete the program and obtain employment in the automotive industry or continue automotive education.
    • Kaskaskia College Institutional Research and reporting prepares an annual Graduate Follow-up Report. This report only follows students who complete the A.A.S. degree. Many of our students complete the automotive technology classes and go to work without completing the degree. Our department regularly sends out graduate follow-up surveys to all students completing a majority of our course offerings. Results from the - Automotive Student Survey - provide more program specific information.
    • Kaskaskia College Success Center assist students in job placement, résumé, interview skills. In addition to the personalized service we also register each automotive graduate in the College Central Network. The student may search through all the current jobs in the system, upload resume for employers to see, send resume directly to employers, or allow the Career Services Center to recommend jobs.

    • For evidence, see:

Standard 1.2 - Program Description / Goals

The written description/goals of the program should be shared with potential students and should include admission requirements, employment potential, area(s) of specialty training offered, and the cost of all tuition and fees. Technical qualifications of the faculty and the overall goal(s) of the program should also be included.

  1. ... program material(s) available (brochure or catalog) on the inclusion of the following:
    1. program requirements and area(s) of specialty training offered
    2. cost of all tuition and fees
    3. technical qualifications of the faculty
    4. overall goals of the program
    • Program requirements and area(s) of specialty training offered are most clearly stated in a link to the Automotive website titled: Program Requirements
    • The cost of all tuition and fees are available in the admissions office and available on-line at: Admissions and Regulations
    • The technical qualifications of the faculty are linked to the Automotive Home page. They may be viewed by following this link to the: Automotive Faculty
    • The automotive technology curriculum provides the students with technical skills necessary to diagnosis, test and repair today's sophisticated vehicles. Through classroom study of principles combined with "heavy" hands on experience applied to automobiles in the lab, graduates of the program are prepared to assume positions in the automotive industry as entry level technicians. The program also prepares students for the ASE certification exams sponsored by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. Students are encouraged to take the specific ASE exams upon completion of related courses.
  2. ... availability of program materials for students prior to enrollment.