Kaskaskia College Athletics Hall of Fame

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1954-55 Men’s Basketball Team 


The Men’s Basketball Team, coached by Chuck Mundell at Centralia Junior College, now Kaskaskia College, held a record of 20-5 for 1955.  As Central Illinois Conference Champions, they defeated Harris Teachers College in St Louis, Vincennes, McKendree, St Louis University Freshman, SIU– JV, Lincoln Bible, and St Louis Baptist College and were ranked in the top ten national and were the eighth highest scoring team in the country, averaging 91 points per game.

Two team members, George Marcum and Robert Welch, received first team All-Tournament Honors for Region II, and Robert Welch was awarded the sportsmanship award.  George Marcum also received the NJCAA All-American honors as the second leading scorer in the nation, averaging 33 points per game.   The team was inducted into the Centralia Sports Hall of Fame and today we honor the contributions they made to the legacy of the Kaskaskia College Athletics Program.

Coach Chuck Mundell, #25-Sam Wright, #24-Jon Bechtold, #41-Robert Welch, #43-John Dodillet, #45-Fred Kelly, #22-Truman Bromley, #44-Fred Johnson, #42-Jerald Christian, #23-John Bertges, #22-Richard Jones, #33-Keith Kirkland, #21-George Marcum, #34-A.T. McCrary, Earl Whitelow (Manager), Jerry Morgan (Manager)