Students enrolled in the Agriculture Program at Kaskaskia College can earn an Associate in Applied Science Degree by completing studies in any of three areas, Agriculture Business, Agriculture Production or Dairy. These options require a core of 13 courses in Agriculture and approximately seven general education courses. In order to obtain a degree under the Agriculture Business option, students will enroll in five additional Agricultural courses that emphasize the business side of agriculture including sales and management. Students enrolled in the Agriculture Production option will complete four courses unique to this option that emphasize the technical and mechanical side of production agriculture including engines, harvesting, and air conditioning. Dairy option students will enroll in four Agriculture courses that emphasize dairy production. Students can also earn a one–year certificate in Agriculture Machinery. Extensive on–the-job experience is included in all programs.

All degree options prepare the student for entry level positions in the workforce, or can serve as a transfer degree if the graduate chooses to continue his or her education at a four year university.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who have completed the below program, and other important information, please visit the link(s) below or see the full disclosure listing.
AGRC 0551 Agriculture Business Certificate
AGRC 0552 Animal Science Certificate
AGRC 0553 Dairy Science Certificate
AGRC 0554 Plant and Soil Science Certificate

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