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Agriculture Grant Survey

Project funded by USDA grant
3 basic training modules that include:
  • Basic information on how GPS/GIS systems work and the information they can provide
  • Equipment needed in order to perform GPS field mapping and grid soil sampling both hardware and software
  • How the data can be used in field agriculutreal applications both by the producer and in agribusinesses
  • Impacts on producer profitability and environmental sustainability
Downloadable free of charge to utilize in your curriculum as an introduction to this technology in agriculture with suggested activities. We ask that you complete the survey as to its usability.

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3

1. I have taught GPS/GIS technology in my agriculture classroom previously.

2. The modules provided on the website were easily downloaded.

3. The modules provided on the website were easily utilized in the classroom.

4. I made some modifications to the powerpoints in order to customize them more for my classroom.

5. The information provided in the modules was helpful and relevant to my students.

6. Students’ knowledge of the equipment, software, and application of this technology was significant prior to presenting this information.

7. Students’ knowledge of equipment, software, and application of this technology was increased after presenting this information.

8. My students had prior knowledge of the potential impacts on costs of production and the environment, and the benefits associated with site-specific production.

9. These modules help to increase my students’ knowledge of the impacts of site-specific farming on costs of production and the environment.

10. I have access to use GPS equipment with my students.

11. The suggested activities were helpful.

12. More information on this topic would be helpful in the future.

13. I plan to integrate precision farming technologies into my curriculum in the future.


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