Drop & Withdrawal Procedures


Students have the privilege of dropping classes without the classes becoming a part of their academic record if they do so during the first two weeks of the regular sixteen week Fall and Spring semesters, the first week of the regular eight week Summer semester or the proportionate time of any other class not conforming to a sixteen week or eight week schedule, i.e., eleven calendar days for a twelve-week class, etc. Students are reminded that drops during the first week (or proportionate amount thereof) will receive a 100% tuition refund. However no refund is due after the two week period. The first "week" for any class other than the regular sixteen week semester is defined as whenever one-sixteenth of the class sessions will have been met and the second "week" whenever one-eighth of the class sessions will have been met. Students are advised to consult the Admissions and Registration Office for the exact dates that will apply to any irregular length course.


Students withdrawing after the first two weeks (or equivalent) of classes will have a "W" recorded on their transcripts.

Each student is responsible for initiating the withdrawal request either by letter or by completing the withdrawal form which is available in the Office of Admissions and Registration or at any education center.

All withdrawal requests must be filed no later than two weeks prior to the end of any regular length semester (one week for the summer semester) or the proportionate time thereof for other length courses. A student who does not withdraw officially from a class may be subject to an "F" grade.

A student having enrolled in and attended a class remains enrolled in the class until the student initiates a withdrawal or the student is withdrawn under provisions stated for administrative action.

Administrative action: Students who never attend, or cease to attend, any class in which they have enrolled may be administratively withdrawn upon recommendation of the instructor. A student may be withdrawn from a class by administrative action as a result of, but not limited to, attendance and conduct. Students will be notified by the Manager of Records and Registration and may be reinstated with the approval of the instructor.

A student may be withdrawn by administrative action through the Vice President of Student Services as a consequence of disciplinary measures instituted under provisions of the Board policy on Student Rights and Responsibilities or as a result of the implementation of other institutional policies or procedures.

Appeals concerning withdrawals are initiated through the instructor and the appropriate instructional dean.

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