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Employer Benefits

Ethics is defined as a collection of values and behaviors which people feel are moral. In other words, “ethics” is the name we give to our values or good behavior. So a positive work ethic is the collection of all the values and actions that people feel are appropriate in the work place.

Morals relates to right and wrong. Values are beliefs that a person feels are very important. Our behavior, or actions, are most often a reflection of our values.

Today’s workforce is demanding and competitive. Employees must not only have good technical skills but demonstrate positive, cooperative attitudes. Kaskaskia College is dedicated in preparing students with business and technical skills and also interpersonal skills needed to excel in today’s workplace.

Three primary results of the Work Ethics Program make it a winning proposition for all concerned. These results are:
  • Students begin employment with positive work ethic skills which will enhance their value as employees.
  • Instructors develop more motivated and attentive students.
  • Employers acquire employees with desirable work habits.
“I have a stack of applications from your class. All of the students have you listed as a reference. I know that your students will be technically sound. I don’t necessarily want the “A” student. Please look through this stack and only forward on the students that are the best team players and show up to class….on time….with a good attitude”.
--Administrative Technologist St. Mary’s Good Samaritan, Inc.
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