Veterans Tribute at Kaskaskia College

The Veterans Tribute at Kaskaskia College is a unique, heartfelt monument that honors the men and women who have served, currently are serving, and those who will serve our Country in the future. Historically, memorials are designated for those who have left us, whereas the Tribute on KC’s main campus honors all veterans, those living and deceased.


Latest News:


Area Quilters Prepare New Quilt for Veterans Tribute Raffle
The Lakeside Quilters, a group of area quilters dedicated to recognizing area veterans, have presented a quilt to the Veterans Tribute Committee to be auctioned off with proceeds to benefit the Tribute project. The queen size quilt, entitled “Eagle Among the Stars” is 98 inches wide and 104 inches long, featuring the American Eagle in the center surrounded by 44 stars      Read More


Tri County Bankers Federation Donates to Kaskaskia College Nashville Education Center Campaign and KC Veterans Tribute
Kaskaskia College is pleased to announce that the Tri County Bankers Federation has recently donated $600 to the Nashville Education Center Campaign and the KC Veterans Tribute Project.      Read More


Koehler Makes Donation to Veterans Tribute at Kaskaskia College
Jim Koehler of Salem made a donation to the Veterans Tribute at Kaskaskia College from memorials from his father Charles Koehler’s passing. Charles Koehler, also of Salem was a World War II Veteran, serving in the Navy. He was a Pearl Harbor survivor, and also survived when the destroyer he was serving on was sunk during a battle in the Solomons in 1943. Later still Koehler served on a destroyer that swept the Japanese harbor for mines allowing the U.S.S Missouri to enter the harbor for the formal surrender ceremony, ending the war between Japan and the U.S. Charles Koehler recounted his time in service as a guest speaker during Kaskaskia College’s Veterans Day program in 2009.      Read More


The Eagle Sculpture that sits in the center of the Warrior Court