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Company: MedicOne Medical Response, Salem, IL
Job Title: Paramedic
Date Posted: 11/27/2012
Industry: Health

EMT-Paramedics Full time
Competive Salary, Health,Life,Dental, Vision Insurance, Retirement after 90 day probationary period.

The incumbent must possess and apply knowledge and skills necessary to perform the duties of
an emergency medical technician, in a dignified and compassionate manner, including:

-Responding to emergency and non-emergency calls calmly, efficiently and
-Administering basic life support to patients at the scene, as stated by protocol,
en route to the hospital, and in a pre-hospital setting, in accordance with federal,
state, and local laws, regulations, and standards;
-Assessing the nature and extent of injury or illness to establish and prioritize
medical procedures to be followed;
-Rescuing and extricating victims of accidents, sudden illness or entrapment using
proper rescue and medical techniques;
-Treating patients at the scene, en route to the hospital, and in a pre-hospital
setting, in accordance with federal, state, local, laws, regulations, and standards;
-Communicating with professional medical personnel and treatment facilities to
obtain instructions regarding further treatment and/or to arrange reception of
patients to the appropriate center;
-Maintaining order at scenes, including crowd disbursement and restraint of family
and friends; and
-Completing patient care forms, insurance forms, evaluation forms, and all other
forms in a competent and timely fashion.
-The incumbent is expected to protect the privacy of all patient information in
accordance with the Company’s privacy policies, procedures, and practices, as
required by federal and state law, and in accordance with general principles of
professionalism as a health care provider. Failure to comply with the Company’s
Policies and Procedures on patient privacy may result in disciplinary action up to
and including termination of employment with the Company
-The incumbent may access protected health information and other patient
information only to the extent that is necessary to complete your job duties.
-The incumbent must possess and apply knowledge and skills necessary to perform the duties of
a driver of ambulance equipment, including:
-Responding to instructions from a dispatcher and driving and operating specially
equipped emergency vehicles to specified locations at a safe and controlled
speed, in accordance with federal, state, local law, regulations and standards;
-Assuring that vehicles are in good working condition at all times, are properly
maintained and stocked, have all necessary equipment and this equipment is in
good working order at all times;
-Cleaning, organizing and restocking vehicles in a ready condition after each
-Receiving requests for emergency and non-emergency ambulance service and
other duties-related communication via two-way radio and other communication
-Maintaining accurate records of ambulance equipment and other emergency
equipment and/or personnel dispatched to each emergency and non-emergency
request and other operation and administrative data as required to maintain the
operational continuity of MedicOne Medical Response and as directed by
-Handling telephone communications professionally and efficiently with careful
regard to the divulgence of information;
-Coordinating requests for non-emergency transports in accordance with the nonemergency
transport policies;
-Monitoring communication equipment to maintain contact with the dispatcher;
Performing rescue operations; and
Maintaining apparatus and equipment.
The incumbent must perform routine tasks in and around the ambulance service building,
-Checking, restocking, inventorying and cleaning any vehicle operated by
-Cleaning, doing dishes, emptying trash and other related duties in the station
Washing and drying towels, coveralls, and other laundry in the provided heavy
duty washing equipment;
-Representing the ambulance service while on duty at public service functions,
expositions, and other public events;
-Providing ambulance stand-by services at sporting events or any other activities
designated by the ambulance captain; and
-Performing any other duty related to "Company"
as designated by the ambulance captain.

The incumbent must also:
Be a team player, as EMS is a team effort, and providers must provide necessary
assistance to ensure system sanitation, readiness and adherence to quality
assurance standards;
-Be flexible, as emergency services operate on a 24-hour clock; the incumbent’s
assigned work shift schedule may vary and the incumbent should be available to
respond immediately for a call during the assigned work period, and the start and
shift times may vary due to the nature of the business;-
Maintain a thorough working knowledge of local geography, which includes
maps, streets, and grid book systems;
-Maintain a thorough working knowledge of applicable current standards of care,
including equipment functions and uses; and
-Assure that all certifications, licenses and registrations are up-to-date.

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