Physical Therapist Assistant

Career & Technical Degree
Field Internship
Clinical Internships consist of one part-time clinical experience and three full-time clinical experiences: Introduction to Clinical Internship in the second semester that is in house and supervised by faculty; Clinical Internship I that is in the summer semester following second semester and consists of a full-time six-week rotation; Clinical Internship II that takes place in the fall semester and consists of a six-week rotation. Clinical Internship III takes place in the fourth or spring semester and consists of a seven-week rotation.

First Semester-Fall
PTAS 119 Clinical Anatomy and Physiology for PTA*** 5
ENGL 101 English Composition** 3
PHLE 119 Core Values and Ethical Decision Making** 1
MEDT 104 Medical Terminology** 1
PSYH 101 Psychology* 3
PTAS 150 Applied Physics for Assistants 2
PTAS 152 Principles and Procedures I 2
PTAS 154 Patient Care Skills 1
PTAS 156 Introduction to Physical Therapy 1

Second Semester-Spring
PTAS 158 Kinesiology for PTA 4
PTAS 160 Physical Modalities I 3
PTAS 162 Physical Modalities II 3
PTAS 164 Principles and Procedures II 3
PTAS 166 Pathology for PTA 2
PTAS 167 Introduction to Clinical Internship 1
PTAS 168 Practicum I 1

Summer Session
SPCH 103 Fundamentals of Speech* 3
SOCO 101 Sociology* 3
PTAS 251 Clinical Internship I**** 5
PTAS 253 Clinical Seminar I 3

Third Semester-Fall
PTAS 254 Principles and Procedures III 4
PTAS 258 Practicum II 1
PTAS 259 Clinical Internship II 5
  Area D Elective 2

Fourth Semester-Spring
PTAS 256 Principles and Procedures IV 5
PTAS 260 Clinical Internship III 6
PTAS 262 Clinical Seminar II 1

Minimum Requirements
A.A.S. Degree 74 credit hours

*Courses may be taken prior to admission to the program or during any semester of the program.
**Course may be taken prior to admission to the program or during the first semester.
***Course needs to be taken during the first semester.
****Students are required to complete PARM 111 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation prior to Clinical Internship I.

Students enrolling in an Allied Health program should be aware that clinical facilities require criminal background checks and drug screening of those involved in client care. In some instances, such checks will be needed to take licensure exams. Based on this, Kaskaskia College will require background checks and drug screening upon entry into the program. Students will not be allowed to participate in courses when their background check makes them ineligible for the work to be performed. The cost of such screening will be included in program fees.

NOTE: The program requirements presented here are effective Spring 2008. Previous versions of the KC Catalog are available in their entirety at our catalog archive. If you are uncertain about which catalog you should reference, please contact an academic advisor. Please contact an academic advisor with questions regarding course registration or degree/certificate completion.
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