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Course Descriptions
SBDC-9900 Starting a Business in Illinois 0 Credit Hours
Meet with clients upon request to discuss business planning process, financing options and provide a packet containing resources for the development of a business plan. This course will help studnes understand why small business owners and entrepreneurs should prepare a business plan and complete the ISBDC business plan workbook, financing resources, legal and tax information, market research and internet resources, and more.
SBDC-9910 Small Business Tax Seminar 0 Credit Hours
Small business owners/entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to understand small business tax basics including tax filing applications for a specific business type, recordkeeping, and IRS responsibilities. This course will help students to know IRS Requirements, good recordkeeping habbits, employment taxes, unemployment recordkeeping, review of irs tax forms, and more.
SBDC-9930 Quickbooks Pro 0 Credit Hours
To provide ISBDC clients and others with training recommended to utilize the current version of QuickBooks Pro Software within a business. This course will assist students in creating a new QuickBooks Pro company, modifying the chart of accounts to meet personal needs, adding information to company lists, open and use registers for any QB balance sheet accounts, and more.
SBDC-9967 Small Business Website 0 Credit Hours
Course Objective: To equip small business owners and entrepreneurs with the ability to understand website layout; navigations; aesthetics; color; typography; readability; graphics; multimedia; interactivity/animation; interface design technologies; effective web writing; establishing a web presence; finding search engines that work; selecting the right domain name for your site; advertising on the web to make money; banner and classified ads.
SBDC-9968 Marketing Plan Development 0 Credit Hours
Course assists the small business owner/entrepreneur with budget, media defined advertising, public relations, innovative ideas, etc. Produce a win-win situation; customers have a product (or service) that meets their needs and healthy profits are achieved. Customer-based orientation must be balanced with the company's objective in order to maintain a profitable volume of sales. Step to create an effective marketing plan will be covered.
SBDC-9969 Home-Based Business 0 Credit Hours
Objective: To develop entrepreneurial qualities necessary for home-based business success: motivation, discipline & creativity. Make the right business choice; create an image that will draw customers back to you; understand zoning rules and regulations in your area. Other topics: licenses, permits, insurance, marketing plan; art of selling; banking, recordkeeping & taxes.
SBDC-9970 Finan/Stments/Report/Control 0 Credit Hours
Participants will understand the importance of maintaining and implanting financial controls that are important aspects of running a business. The course is designed to assist small business owners/entrepreneurs with creating balance sheets, income statements, understanding cash flow, using software, etc. Other topics to be covered include: revenues, cash receipts, cash disbursements; payroll, etc.
SBDC-9972 Kid Business 0 Credit Hours
Introduction to business planning and entrepreneurial thinking that will allow youth to develop skills in negotiation, sales, customer service, leadership, problem thinking, networking, time management, record keeping, and public speaking.
SBDC-9973 Patent & Copyright Basics 0 Credit Hours
To offer basic information about laws regarding patents, trademarks, and copyrights in addition to dispelling myths and understandings. Basic "how to" information will be provided for small businesses and entrepreneurs involved in innovation and technological development.

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