Dental Assisting

Career & Technical Certificate
Dental Assisting prepares the student to assist the dentist during patient treatment procedures. Classroom, lab, and clinical instruction provide students with a broad background in all aspects of dentistry. Clinical internship is provided by area dental offices under the guidance of dentists and assistants in the communities throughout the district. The program also includes courses which teach expanded functions for dental assistants who have demonstrated proficiency through education.

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DNTA 0520 Dental Assisting Certificate

Field Internship
During the second semester, students spend time actually observing and interning in dental offices throughout the surrounding districts. Students are responsible for providing their own transportation.
Representative Job Titles
Those completing the program will receive a certificate of achievement and will be immediately eligible to sit for the Dental Assisting National Board. Successful candidates may use the title Certified Dental Assistant (CDA). Students will also be eligible to perform expanded functions upon successful completion of the Dental Assisting Program.
Program Requirements
Students must place in English 101 or must have completed English 100 with a C or better.
Semester Classes
Classes listed are completed in the semester scheduled.
Recommended Semester Schedules
General Education classes are scheduled by the student so they are not in conflict with the Dental Assisting Program Classes. If you have taken any of the required general education classes within the last five years with a C or better, you may not have to retake the classes. General Education classes must be completed at the completion of the program.
*General Education Courses required for certificate

Summer Semester
ENGL 101 English Composition 3
PSYH 101 Psychology 3
SPCH 103 Fundamentals of Speech 3

First Semester
DNTA 110 Dental Science I 3
DNTA 112 Head & Neck Anatomy 2
DNTA 114 Dental Materials I 3
DNTA 122 Dental Ethics & Jurisprudence 2
DNTA 126 Dental Terminology 1
DNTA 128 Dental Assisting Procedures 3
DNTA 130 Dental Radiology I 3

Second Semester
DNTA 111 Dental Science II 2
DNTA 135 Infection Control 2
DNTA 129 Dental Assisting Procedures II 2
DNTA 131 Dental Radiology II 2
DNTA 139 Dental Prevention 1
DNTA 133 Therapeutics & Emergencies 2
DNTA 132 Dental Materials II 2
DNTA 140 Dental Office Management 2
DNTA 141 Dental Nutrition 2

Summer Semester
DNTA 136 Clinical Practice 6
DNTA 142 Dental Board Review 1

Minimum Requirements
Certificate 50 credit hours

NOTE: The program requirements presented here are effective Fall 2013. Previous versions of the KC Catalog are available in their entirety at our catalog archive. If you are uncertain about which catalog you should reference, please contact an academic advisor. Please contact an academic advisor with questions regarding course registration or degree/certificate completion.
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