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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Studies
The Criminal Justice Program at Kaskaskia College exists to prepare students for a rewarding career with local, county, state, or federal law enforcement agencies, correctional institutions, and other criminal justice agencies such as probation and parole. A large number of related career fields, such as security and investigations, are open to graduates of our Criminal Justice Program. The Criminal Justice Program will also prepare students for a smooth transition to a university. In addition, our program will assist in the career advancement of current criminal justice professionals.

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Career Fields for Criminal Justice Majors
While entry requirements vary there is a trend for agencies to require a two year degree prior to the entry exam, other agencies may require a four year degree prior to an entry exam. Our Criminal Justice Program is taught by Criminal Justice practitioners who have dedicated their lives to serving and protecting their communities. Our instructors prepare students for all of the following careers in the Criminal Justice field.

Enforcement: peace officer, investigations, patrol officer, sheriff, deputy, highway patrol, juvenile officer, crime lab technician, telecommunications, and states attorney’s investigator.

State: state police, crime commission, fish and wildlife agencies (Conservation), narcotics bureau, crime laboratories, bureaus of criminal investigation and identification, and others for a total of over 200 state agencies.

Corrections: correctional officer-county and state, probation officer, parole officer, juvenile court officer, prison support staff, counselor, case worker, administrator, recreation specialist, psychologists, psychiatrist, and other community based correctional agency employees.

Federal: Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Secret Service, Internal Revenue Service, Drug Enforcement Agency, Immigration and Naturalization Service, Military Police, Office of Naval Intelligence, Office of Special Investigations (U.S. Air Force), Central Intelligence Agency, Officer/Inspector General, U.S. Marshal, Air Marshal, Aviation Security, Homeland Security, and others for a total of over fifty federal agencies.

Private: plant protection and industrial security, insurance investigator, retail store security, private police, railroad, bus, airline security, private investigation, and private corrections corporations.

Justice Related Social Service: Crime victim counselor, child abuse investigator, D.U.I. counselor, delinquency counselor, drug abuse counselor, youth home worker, domestic violence counselor, and sexual assault counselor.

For more information please submit your questions to the Program Coordinator

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