Ms Kelsey

Kelsey Edson, Cosmetology Instructor

Kelsey Edson is a proud graduate of Kaskaskia College's Cosmetology Department. While she was working in a salon as a stylist, she found that she had a real knack for helping others with their techniques and business skills. Her love for inspiring those new stylits brought her back to KC to earn her teaching certificate and accept a part-time instructor's position for Kaskaskia College. In addition to teaching, she is a full-time stylist at A Step Ahead Salon in Centralia, IL. She has more than 10 years of experience in this industry. Ms. Kelsey says the diversity of her time between the salon and teaching keeps her skills fresh. Services she most enjoys are cuts, color, up-styles, nails and facials. She enjoys learning new techniques and working with clients to make them feel as good as they look when they step out of her chair. She especially loves taking new skills from her salon experience and sharing it with students in the classroom.

Ms. Kelsey says, "Kaskaskia College was an amazing choice for me. This school prepared me for success in the salon and in the classroom. My motto is 'It's Never Too Late'. It's never too late to keep's never too late to start new's never too late for's never too late to better yourself. Time is something you never get back, so make the most of it and achieve your dreams!! I did!"