Cosmetology Teaching

Career and Technical Certificate
A Cosmetology Teacher is someone who instructs students in the art and science of beautifying and improving the nails, skin and hair, and study of cosmetics, chemicals and small business.

Representative Job Titles
Instructor, educational consultant, continuing education provider, school director, school manager.

First Semester
COSM 155A Post Grad Beauty Culture Teacher Training 4
COSM 155B Post Grad Beauty Culture Teacher Training II 4
ENGL 101 English Composition 3
CITA 110 Introduction to Word Processing 1
PSYH 101 Psychology 3

Second Semester
COSM 156 Principles of Beauty Culture Student Training 3
COSM 158 Supervised Teaching 3
SPCH 103 Fundamentals of Speech 3
EDUC 202 Educational Psychology 3
ACCT 100 Accounting Principles 3

Summer Semester
COSM 157 Business Experience 2
CHEM 101 World of Chemistry 3
GUID 112 Human Values 1
Minimum Requirements
Certificate 36 credit hours

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COSM 0550 Cosmetology Certificate
COSM 0560 Cosmetology Teaching Certificate

* If a student has successfully completed ENGL 101 elsewhere prior to admission to KC, then a student can complete CPSI 101 or Area D elective.

The Cosmetology teaching program consists of 1000 clock hours.

Students are required to earn a grade of "C" or better in all courses with a COSM prefix to be eligible to continue.

NOTE: The program requirements presented here are effective Fall 2014. Previous versions of the KC Catalog are available in their entirety at our catalog archive. If you are uncertain about which catalog you should reference, please contact an academic advisor. Please contact an academic advisor with questions regarding course registration or degree/certificate completion.