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Program Requirements

Career and Technical Certificate
  1. File an application for admission to Kaskaskia College.
  2. File a final high school transcript or GED scores. Must be a high school graduate or GED recipient to enter the program.
  3. Take the English portion of the ACT or COMPASS test. (If ACT scores are +5 years, a COMPASS placement is required (reading & english only))
  4. Sign the "Cosmetology Course Requirements and Specifics" document.

COSM 120 Work Ethics 1
COSM 112A Beauty Culture Theory I 3
COSM 115 Beauty Culture Lab I 5
COSM 112B Beauty Culture Theory IB 3
COSM 116 Beauty Culture Lab II 6
COSM 121 Fundamentals of Haircolor 2

COSM 122A Beauty Culture Theory II 3
COSM 117 Beauty Culture Lab III 5
COSM 123 Salon Management & Marketing 2
COSM 122B Beauty Culture Theory IIB 3
COSM 118 Beauty Culture Lab IV 6
COSM 125 Salon Business 2

COSM 132 Beauty Culture Theory III 3
COSM 130 Beauty Culture Lab V 5
COSM-104 Career Education Planning 1
Minimum Requirements
Certificate 50 credit hours

Students are required to earn a grade of "C" or better in all program specific courses to be eligible to continue.

Cosmetology Dress Code

NOTE: The program requirements presented here are effective Spring 2008. Previous versions of the KC Catalog are available in their entirety at our catalog archive. If you are uncertain about which catalog you should reference, please contact an academic advisor. Please contact an academic advisor with questions regarding course registration or degree/certificate completion.