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Accounting Classes
2014 Spring 
MAIN - Main Campus

Course #Title
ACCT-100 Accounting Principles
ACCT-101 Financial Accounting
ACCT-102 Managerial Accounting
AGRC-102 Animal Nutrition
AGRC-115 Intro to Ag Employment
AGRC-124 Agriculture Crop Production
AGRC-155 Agriculture Chemicals
AGRC-158 Intro to Dairy Science
AGRC-210 Agriculture Sales Leadership
AGRC-213 Computer & Technology in Agr
AGRC-224 Waste Management
AGRC-225 Physiology Repro & Lactation
AGRC-233 Managing & Ag Business
AGRC-291 Ruminant Production Lab.
ARTO-101 Drawing I
ARTO-102 Design I - 2 Dimensional
ARTO-105 Introduction to Art
ARTO-111 Drawing II
ARTO-118 Life/Figure Drawing
ARTO-204 Painting I
AUBY-103 Surface Prep & Refinishing
AUBY-108 Adv Painting & Refinishing
AUBY-110 Basic Auto Body Estimating
AUBY-140 Intro to Collision Repair Tech
AUBY-141 Auto body Tools & Techniques
AUBY-142 Shop Organization & Mgmt
AUBY-143 Vehicle Body Maintenance
AUBY-144 Basic Collision Repair
AUBY-145 Unibody Welding & Disassembly
AUBY-150 External Body Access & Trim
AUBY-151 Panel Replacement and Alignmnt
AUBY-152 Plastics, Adhesives, Glass
AUBY-153 Advanced Collision Repair
AUBY-154 Automotive Tint/Blend
AUBY-213 Comprehensive Auto Body Repair
AUTO-111 Safety and Shop Procedures
AUTO-119 Auto Fundamentals and Servc
AUTO-121 Auto Heat and Air Conditioning
AUTO-140 Manual Dr Trains and Axles
AUTO-161 Suspension and Alignment
AUTO-170 Engine Repair & Service
AUTO-225 Computerized Engine Controls
AUTO-230 Auto Shop Practices & Proced
AUTO-276 Automatic Transmissions
BIOL-101 Biology
BIOL-102 Biology
BIOL-121 Anatomy & Physiology
BIOL-122 Anatomy & Physiology
BIOL-215 Microbiology
BSC-9200 Forklift Traing
BSC-9425 HR
BUSN-103 Introduction to Business
BUSN-115 Marketing Fundamentals I
BUSN-149 Business Mathematics
BUSN-198 Leadership Institute
BUSN-201 Business Communications
BUSN-215 Small Business Management
CHEM-103 General Chemistry
CHEM-104 General Chemistry
CHEM-111 Chemistry I (Inorganic Chem)
CHEM-112 Chemistry II (Phys & Analyt)
CHEM-209 Organic Chemistry II
CITA-110 Intro to Word Processing
CITA-150 Com App & Busn Syst Concept
CITA-151 Intro to Computer Applications
CITA-200 Accounting Software Package
CITC-112 Cisco Lan Switching & Wireles
CITC-113 Cisco Wan Technologies
CITG-185 Intro Comp Operating Systems
CITN-112 A+ Certifcation
CITN-113 Ethical Hacking
CITN-114 Computer System Forensics
CITN-130 Intro to Server Systems
CITN-220 Advanced Server Administration
CITP-110 Computer Logic
CITP-125 SQL Query Language
CITW-210 Adobe Flash
CKICK-5050 Boy Scout Day
CNAR-0100 CNA Recertification in Lab
COED-5428 Digital Photo
COMM-199 Problems/Topics Communication
COSM-112A Beauty Culture Theory I
COSM-112B Beauty Culture Theory I-B
COSM-115 Beauty Culture Lab I
COSM-116 Beauty Culture Lab II
COSM-117 Beauty Culture Lab. III
COSM-118 Beauty Culture Lab IV
COSM-120 Work Ethics
COSM-121 Fundamentals of Haircolor
COSM-122A Beauty Culture Theory II
COSM-122B Beauty Culture Theory II-B
COSM-123 Salon Management and Marketing
COSM-125 Salon Business
CSTR-198 Energy Efficiency Workshop
CULI-104 Meat, Seafood & Fabrication
CULI-105 Culinary Fundamentals II
CULI-106 Garde Manger
CULI-205 Fundamentals of Baking
CULI-206 International Cuisine
CULI-207 Restaurant Operations
CULI-211 Sweet Production
DFTG-120 Drafting Mathematics
DFTG-122 CAD-Theory and Practice I
DFTG-126 CAD Theory
DFTG-140 Mechanical Drafting I
DFTG-143 Mechanical Drafting II-CAD
DFTG-144 Mechanical Drafting III-CAD
DFTG-172 Electrical Drafting-CAD
DFTG-202 Inventor
DFTG-209 Architectural Drafting-CAD
DFTG-230 Supervised Occupational Exp
DFTG-232 Civil Draft-CAD
DGMS-225 Ultrasound Scans II
DGMS-231 Ultrasound Physics II
DGMS-244 Ultrasound Anatomy II
DNTA-111 Dental Science II
DNTA-129 Dental Assisting Procedures II
DNTA-131 Dental Radiology II
DNTA-132 Dental Materials II
DNTA-133 Therapeutics & Emergencies
DNTA-135 Infection Control
DNTA-139 Dental Prevention
DNTA-140 Dental Office Management
DNTA-141 Dental Nutrition
DRMA-111 Theatre Appreciation
DRMA-205 Theatre Production
ECES-111 Intro to Child Development
ECES-128 Motor Fit Activities-Preschool
ECES-269 Exceptional Child
ECON-202 Economic Issues
ECON-205 Principles of Economics
ECON-206 Principles of Economics
EDUC-101 Intro to Educational Practice
EDUC-116 Technology in Teacher Educ
EDUC-190 Introduction to Special Educ
EDUC-200 Cultural Awareness in Classrm
ENGL-099 Writing Eff Sentence Paragraph
ENGL-100 Intro to College Composition
ENGL-101 English Composition
ENGL-102 English Composition
ENGL-206 Creative Writing: Fiction
FITN-110 Fitness Theory & Techniques
FITN-120 Personal Trainer Practicum
GEDR-103 General Engineering Drawing
GUID-109 First Year College Experience
GUID-110 Career Education Planning
HIST-103 History of the United States
HIST-104 History of the United States
HLSK-101 Basic ECG Interpretation
HLTH-102 Human Health and Wellness
HLTH-128 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
HLTH-208 First Aid
HORT-121 Landscape Design & Const I
HORT-122 Greenhouse Operation
HORT-123 Care/Maint. Landscape Plants
HORT-124 Turf and Turfgrass Management
HORT-213 Pers Computers in Horticulture
HORT-235 Plant Propagation
HUMA-199 Honor Band
HUMA-199 Topics Huma
KNSO-5601 KC New Student Orientation
LAWO-150 Criminal Law
LAWO-210 Criminal Justice Writing
LAWO-235 Institutional Corrections
LAWO-255 Introduction to Criminology
LAWO-265 Crt Procedure and Evidence
LAWO-275 Justice Administration
LAWO-280 Community Based Corrections
LEAD-150 Leadership Development
LEAD-150 Leadership Development-Honors
LITO-103 Introduction to Literature
LITO-110 Classical Mythology
LITO-116 Film History
LLI-7020 Computer College - Part 1
LLI-7021 Computer College - Part 2
LLI-7040 How to Buy and Sell on Ebay
LLI-7070 Trends and Issues
MATH-101 Basic Mathematics
MATH-101A Fundamentals of Math I
MATH-101B Fundamentals of Math II
MATH-102 Elementary Algebra
MATH-103 Elementary Plane Geometry
MATH-107 Intermediate Algebra
MATH-124 Statistics Software
MATH-130 Intro to Contemporary Math
MATH-134 College Algebra
MATH-135 Trigonometry
MATH-136 General Statistics
MATH-143 Finite Mathematics
MATH-166 Calc and Analytical Geometry I
MATH-172 Math for Elem Teachers II
MATH-199 Math Literacy College Students
MATH-236 Linear Algebra
MATH-246 Calculus Busn.& Social Science
MATH-247 Business Statistics
MATH-267 Calculus Analy Geometry II
MATH-268 Calculus Analy Geometry III
MATH-269 Differential Equations
MEDT-104 Medical Terminology
MSGE-111 Massage Theory/Techniques II
MSGE-113 Assess Intervention Document
MSGE-116 Massage Ther Busn & Marketng
MSGE-117 Student Clinic
MSGE-119 Kinesiology for MT
MSGE-121 Pathology for MT
MUSC-100 Concert Choir
MUSC-101 Intro to Music in America
MUSC-104 Community Chorale
MUSC-105 Band
MUSC-106 KC Blues (Jazz/Show Choir)
MUSC-107 Music Appreciation
MUSC-117 Stage Band
MUSC-118 Jazz Ensemble
MUSC-119 Instrumental Ensemble
MUSC-121 Pep-Band
MUSC-123 Music Theory II
MUSC-124 Appl. Music Priv. Woodwinds I
MUSC-126 App. Music: Priv. Woodwinds II
MUSC-128 Recording Techniques II
MUSC-131 Percussion Ensemble
MUSC-136 App. Music Priv Percussion II
MUSC-137 Aural Skills I
MUSC-138 Aural Skills II
MUSC-141 Class Piano I
MUSC-142 Class Piano II
MUSC-144 Applied Music: Private Piano I
MUSC-145 Applied Music: Private Piano
MUSC-154 Applied Music Private Brass I
MUSC-155 Applied Music: Private Brass
MUSC-165 Applied Music: Private Voice
MUSC-166 App. Music: Private Voice II
MUSC-185 Applied Music: Private Strings
MUSC-202 Aural Skills IV
MUSC-223 Music Theroy IV
MUSC-236 App Music Priv Percussion IV
MUSC-242 Class Piano IV
MUSC-265 App Music Private Voice III
MUSC-266 App Music Private Voice IV
MUSC-290 Introduction to Conducting
MUSC-299 AFA Portfolio
NAST-160 Nurse Assistant
NURS-101 Fundamentals of Nursing I
NURS-104 Fundamentals of Nursing II
NURS-105 Basic Concpts Ment. Hlth Nurs
NURS-106 Foundations of Nursing
NURS-107 Dosage Calculations
NURS-109 Basic Concepts in Pharmacology
NURS-199 Nclex Review Course
NURS-199 Nursing Orientation
NURS-209 Advanced Pharmacology
NURS-211 Nursing Care of Adult Child I
NURS-212 Nursing Care of Adult Child II
NURS-213 Nrsng Care of Adlt Child III
NURS-214 Nursing Care of Adult Child IV
NURS-216 Prof Challenges & Issues
OFTC-110 Keyboarding I
OFTC-110A Keyboarding IA
OFTC-110B Keyboarding IB
OFTC-110C Keyboarding IC
OFTC-111 Keyboarding II
OFTC-111A Keyboarding IIA
OFTC-111B Keyboarding IIB
OFTC-112 Bldg Keyboarding Speed/Accurcy
OFTC-115 Machine Dictation/Transcriptio
OFTC-171 Office Machine For Accountant
OFTC-172 Data Entry
OFTC-212 Keyboarding III
OFTC-252 Med Terminology & Transcrpton
OFTC-253 Med Record Tech I Insur. Proc
OFTC-254 Med Tech II Coding
OFTC-255 Adv Med Term & Transcription
OFTC-280 Records Management
OFTC-281 Office Management
PARM-110 Emergency Medical Technician
PARM-111 Basic Life Support
PGAD-5442 Adjunct Faculty Development
PHED-101 Physical Fitness
PHED-102 Physical Fitness
PHED-107 Gymnastics
PHED-112 Recreation & Phys Activity
PHED-128 Basic Weight Training
PHED-133 Intermediate Weight Training
PHED-214 Advanced Weight Training
PHED-230 Baseball Participation
PHED-231 Golf Participation
PHED-232 Tennis Participation
PHED-233 Softball Participation
PHED-236 Fitness Center Participation
PHED-237A Baseball Theory
PHED-242 Softball Theory
PHED-245 Introduction to Coaching
PHED-250 Intro to Physical Education
PHLE-110 Logic
PHLE-110 Logic-Honors
PHLE-119 Core Values/Ethical Decision
PHLE-120 Ethics
PHLE-121 Introduction to Philosophy
PHYS-101 Physics
PHYS-201 University Physics I
PHYS-205 Physics
PHYS-210 Electrical Circuit Analysis
POLS-101 Political Science
PRNU-158 Medications
PRNU-159 Medical Surgical Nursing I
PRNU-160 Medical Surgical Nursing II
PSCI-103 Geology
PSCI-120 General Physical Science
PSCI-203 Statics
PSCI-205 Mechanics of Materials
PSYH-100 Life Span Growth & Develop
PSYH-101 Psychology
PSYH-215 Child Psychology
PSYH-216 Adolescent Psychology
PTAS-158 Kinesiology for PTA
PTAS-160 Physical Modalities I
PTAS-162 Physical Modalities II
PTAS-164 Principles and Procedures II
PTAS-166 Pathology for PTA
PTAS-167 Intro to Clinical Internship
PTAS-168 Practicum I
PTAS-256 Principles and Procedures IV
PTAS-262 Clinical Seminar II
READ-088 Fund of Reading
READ-111 Critical Reading/Study Skills
RESK-125 Research Skills
RESP-115 Respiratory Procedures III
RESP-117 Respiratory Procedures II
RESP-217 Respiratory Seminar
SOCO-101 Sociology
SPAN-101 Spanish
SPCH-103 Fundamentals of Speech
SPCH-204 Interpersonal Communications
TECM-118 Vocational Technical Math
TECM-119 Technical Mathematics
TECP-107 Technical Physics
UNIV-100 Adult Ed
UNIV-100 Brenda Hodges - Tutoring
UNIV-100 Bruce Fink-Computer Lab
UNIV-100 Cindy
UNIV-100 Cisco Tutor
UNIV-100 Comp Storge 4 Huffstutler Lab
UNIV-100 Cosm 122A
UNIV-100 Donna Matanane
UNIV-100 For Tina
UNIV-100 GED Testing
UNIV-100 Greenville UTEP
UNIV-100 Greenville make up session
UNIV-100 High School-L. Wimberly
UNIV-100 Idea Drafting Contest- Rittenh
UNIV-100 Linda Wimberly-Okawville Hs
UNIV-100 Math Workshop
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Ati Live Review
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Bodem/Boulware
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Bonnie Huels
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Busn 103 Tim March
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Charlie for Exam
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Cris
UNIV-100 Rm FOR David Quinn
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Donna
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Jennie Larsen
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Julie Ellis
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Kaplan
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Kari
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Kari Frizzo
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Kelli M
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Lisa Motch
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Natalie
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Nursing Ati Logon
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Rita
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Rita and Joan
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Stephanie Klie
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Steve Marr Musc
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Tessa
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Tim March
UNIV-100 Rm XRAY 211
UNIV-100 Roomf Or Cris
UNIV-100 Rooms Reserved by Linda Still
UNIV-100 S Cox Math 101 Midterm and Ex
UNIV-100 Science Fair - W Blythe
UNIV-100 Sharon Elwood-Final Exam Lab
UNIV-100 Wayne Watkins
UNIV-110 Greenville COR 301
UNIV-110 Greenville EDU 312
UNIV-110 Greenville EDU 318
UNIV-110 Greenville EDU 352
UNIV-110 Greenville EDU 355
UNIV-110 Greenville EDU 356
UNIV-110 Greenville EDU 401
UNIV-110 Greenville EDU 402
UNIV-110 Greenville EDU 516
UNIV-110 Greenville EDU 520
UNIV-110 Greenville HPR 356
UNIV-110 Greenville MAT EDU 522
UNIV-120 Greenville Goal Group 171
UNIV-200 McKendree Nursing NSG 400
UNIV-200 McKendree Nursing NSG 470
UNIV-220 McKendree AiM
UNIV-900 Ase Testing
UNIV-900 Exit Counseling
UNIV-900 First Time Borrower Loan Sem.
UNIV-900 Hoa
UNIV-900 Hoa Testing
VOCS-104 Collegiate Leadership Orientat
VOCS-110 Leadership in Management
VOCS-112 Leadership in Working
VOCS-125 Customer Service
VOCS-177 Tutor Training III
VOCS-280 Collegial Leadership XV
VOCS-298 Collegial Leadership XII
VOLT-101 Volunteerism
XRAY-111 Radiologic Technology II
XRAY-146 Cross Sectional Anatomy II
XRAY-198 Topics/Issues in Radiology
XRAY-204 Radiological Clinical Educ
XRAY-211 Radiologic Technology IV
ZOOL-101 Zoology

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