Biochemistry (CHEM-210)
2013 Fall 
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Description: Topics include basic structure, stereochemistry, synthesis, regulation, and metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids. Physical biochemistry of pH and buffers. Structure and function of enzymes including enzyme kinetics and bioenergetics. Topics include glycolysis, fluconeogenesis, hexose-monophosphate shunt, glycogen synthesis and degradation, and insulin and glycogenesis. DNA replication, transcription, translation, protein synthesis by RNA molecules and regulation of gene expression. Cell membrane structure and function, transport, receptors and signal transduction. Laboratory not required. Prerequisite: CHEM 103 or CHEM 111 or High School Chemistry (obtaining a "C" or better), or permission of instructor.

Textbook information can be found here.
08/19/2013 - 12/16/2013 Online N. Goswami
Lecture Time: Days: Seats: 18

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