Program Requirements

A.A.S. Degree
Field Internship
Each student majoring in Early Childhood Education will be required to complete two semesters of Practicum. These classes are ECES 107 and ECES 108. Each student will be placed in a licensed child care facility for 15 hours per week. The students will be responsible for keeping a daily time log and also completing a self evaluation. The students are responsible for completing assignments such as teaching, lesson planning, bulletin boards, etc. Beginning Fall of 2005, all ECES 107 students will be required to complete their practicum at the child care center on campus. Practicums are designed to be a learning experience and are non-paid experiences.

Background checks: Each Early Childhood Education will be required to have a background check when entering the program. The student will complete a background check application that gives the college permission to complete the check. This is required before a student will be permitted to go to the child care centers and or schools to do observations or practicum.

First Semester
ENGL 101 English Composition 3
PHLE 119 Core Values and Ethical Decision Making 1
PSYH 101 Psychology 3
ECES 111 Intro to Child Development 3
SOCO 101 Sociology 3
ECES 101 Principle and Practice of Child Care 3

Second Semester
EDUC 109 Creative Activity-Art 3
HLTH 208 First Aid 3
MUSC 210 Music in Early Childhood 2
PSYH 215 Child Psychology 3
ECES 202 Activity Programming 3
ECES 210 Science and math for Young Children 3

Third Semester
ECES 206 Health, Safety, & Nutrition for Young Child 3
ECES 269 Exceptional Child 3
  Math Elective 3
ECES 107 *Child Care Practicum 4

Fourth Semester
BIOL 101 Biology 4
SPCH 103 Fundamentals of Speech 3
ECES 204 Child Care Administration (concurrent enrollment with ECES 108) 3
LITO 218 Children's Literature 3
ECES 128 Motor Fitness Activities-Preschool 2
ECES 108 **Child Care Practicum 4
ECES 130 Infant and Toddler Care 2

Minimum Requirements
AAS Degree 67 credit hours

*ECES 107 - the 3rd semester practicum can be done at student’s place of employment or an assigned location made by program coordinator.
**ECES 108 - the 4th semester practicum can be done student’s place of employment or an assigned location made by program coordinator.

NOTE: The program requirements presented here are effective Spring 2008. Previous versions of the KC Catalog are available in their entirety at our catalog archive. If you are uncertain about which catalog you should reference, please contact an academic advisor. Please contact an academic advisor with questions regarding course registration or degree/certificate completion.
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