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"A man does not plant a tree for himself, he plants it for posterity." - Alexander Smith   


Shagbark Hickory
(Carya ovata)

Donated by Village of New Baden, IL
Tree Map Location: # 87

Shagbark Hickory tree Shagbark Hickory leaf Shagbark Hickory fruit Shagbark Hickory bark

Leaf: Alternate, compound, 8"-14" long, usually with 5 leaflets, dark yellowish green above, paler, often downy beneath, margins fine-toothed.  
Fruit: Nearly round, 1" to 2½" in diameter with a thick husk that splits into 4 pieces when ripe. The usually thin-shelled, 4-ridged, white nut is pointed at one end and has a sweet kernel.  
Twig: Gray-brown to reddish brown, stout and often hairy with numerous lenticels. Buds are large with 3 or 4 nearly smooth, dark brown, loosely fitting outer scales and velvety inner scales; end buds 1/2" to 3/4" long.  
Bark: Younger trees smooth and gray; older bark breaking into long, loosely attached plates giving the trunk a shaggy appearance.  
Source: College of Natural Resource Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University  
Website: http://www.cnr.vt.edu/dendro

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