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1st Day Handout 


 Hello Everyone,

My name is Bonnie Huels and I will be your instructor for this class. I thought some of you might need a little help getting started, so here are some directions.

If you have never taken an online class at Kaskaskia College, you should have enrolled in GUID 103.  GUID 103 is a free class that will help you with your online class. There is no on-campus visits for this class. To access this class first go to the Kaskaskia College Homepage at http://webct.kaskaskia.edu

This link opens the WebCT site you will need to use to get to this class.

After clicking on that link you will either just log in, or if you have never had a WebCT class before, you will have to create an account.

In both the boxes that come up, put your last name, underscore, first initial, middle initial no spaces, and all lower case.  For example, someone named John L. Smith would put smith_jl in both boxes.

Enter this information, then scroll down a bit on the next page until you see Add Course.

Click on Add Course.

On the next page that comes up pick the category which your class is under. Categories are MATH, SOCO, ENGL, etc. This will then show you all the online classes in that category KC is offering this coming semester.

Click the green plus sign to add the class to your WebCT account. To add a class you need to perform the same procedure as with creating an account. In KC WebCT, again, use your last name, underscore, first initial, middle initial. So, using the example above, after creating an account in WebCT your User ID would be smith_jl  and your password is smith_jl. The other password and ID on KC log in page is for the KC portal. That is the campus Web site. WebCT is on a different server.

Check the on-line course regularly. It is the student's responsibility to keep up with the course progress, e-mail, assignments, and tests. Also, you should check the course on the computer often to ensure that assignments are getting through and that they are being posted.

You will need to purchase the textbook, " Sociology” by Jon. M. Shepard from the KC bookstore. There are weekly assignments that are submitted to me under Discussion on the homepage. Check the "Course Schedule" for the due date on the assignments.  Please do not send me your assignment via email at bhuels@kaskaskia.edu.  Only use this email address for emergency use. All assignments should be sent through Webct.


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