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Leadership Philosophy


DR. Penny Quinn


2015 - PRESENT


My leadership philosophy is based upon an amalgamation of leadership theory and principles.  It begins with recognition that being a successful leader is not a permanent state one reaches and automatically maintains, but rather the evolution of the individual throughout their leadership experience.  This recognition must be coupled with self-reflection: Who am I as a leader?  How do I lead in specific situations/ with specific groups, etc.?  What are my strengths and weakness as a leader, and how can I use this understanding of myself to best lead?

Quality leadership requires continuous attention to recognition and self-reflection, as these become the groundwork upon which a leader builds a foundation through competency with/in the following skill areas.  These skills evolve as the individual assumes various leadership roles, with diverse followers, in a variety of settings.

§  Personal & interpersonal talents

§  Information handling

§  Systems understanding

§  Resource allocation

Finally, truly effective leadership occurs when the following practices are embraced by the leader (based upon Kouzes & Posner research conducted over the past 30 years):

1.   Modeling the Way

a.    Clarifying values and affirming shared ideals

b.    Setting an example through alignment of actions and values

2.   Inspiring a Shared Vision

a.    Envisioning the possibilities

b.    Soliciting others to share the vision

3.   Challenging the Process

a.    Seeking innovative opportunities to advance

b.    Taking risks and learning from them

4.   Enabling Others to Act

a.    Building relationships through trust

b.    Developing competence in others

5.   Encouraging the Heart

a.    Appreciating and recognizing excellence in others

b.    Celebrating the victories

These practices may be developed in any leader who has the desire to lead effectively at any level, whether leading a committee/group or a business/institution.


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