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High School Students

Students smiling in the hallway If you’re here, you know that college success starts way before your first year.

When you’re a high school student, knowing all your college options early can help you navigate programs and connect you with a degree even faster.

College for High School Students

Find out if your high school offers college-level classes. By taking these classes now, you can save time and money later.

--Zero charge for tuition, fees, and books

Take college classes at half the cost while you are still in high school! This program is for all in-district high school students and could save you as much as $2,458 in tuition.

College can be expensive, but the Kaskaskia College Foundation has provided funding to support a schedule of college courses free to help you save!

From First Year to Graduation

If you are closer to starting college, take a look at our application process and begin gathering up everything you need.

Your college career doesn’t need to stop at KC. In fact, we have transfer agreements set up at a number of 4-year schools.


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We can help you take the first step