KC’s newest Foundation Directors – Wesley Gozia of Salem

June 23, 2020

Let’s get to know one of KC’s newest Foundation Directors – Wesley Gozia of Salem...
Fact about Wes:
• Married to René
• Two children – daughter, Libby and son, Hank
• Animals - long haired dachshund named Snoop-Dog
• Attorney in Carlyle for 9+ years at Gozia Law Firm LLC
• Favorite past time is spending time with his family
Did you know? When Wes wears a tie, it is always purple.
Did you know? At the age of 21, Wes traveled to Africa on a photo safari.
What inspired Wes to serve on the Foundation Board? Wes was inspired to serve on the Foundation Board because he felt it was a good opportunity to give back to a great institution that plays such a vital role in educating those in local communities. He also enjoys the opportunity to meet with the other Directors from various backgrounds and learn their different viewpoints.
We asked Wes this question, “If you could have lunch with anyone living or deceased, who would it be and why?”
His answer was……… “My children because they are the most important legacy that I can leave and it is a blessing seeing them grow and change each day.”
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