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Modes of Instruction

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The study of History introduces students to the richness and complexity of the human past. Our curriculum covers most of the major geographic areas and time periods. We seek to examine the development of political concepts, social changes, economic philosophies, and an appreciation of history as an intellectual discipline.


HIST 101 & 102: History of Western Civilization I & II

HIST 103 & 104: History of the United States I & II

HIST 105 & 106: History of Eastern Civilizations I & II

HIST 147: History of Diversities

HIST 150: Latin American History

Program Details

Discipline Student Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the chronology of historic events. 
  • Analyze historical problems by breaking them into smaller parts. 
  • Recognize the differences between primary and secondary historical sources. 
  • Classify the social, political, economic, and religious issues in historical study. 
  • Analyze the contributions to humanity by the diverse people of the world.
  • Summarize the major historical schools of interpretations in history.

Gen Ed Student Learning Outcomes

  • Critical Thinking
  • Understanding of Diversity
  • Communication
  • Research Skills


Jeffrey Sulcer

Jeffrey Sulcer

Associate Professor of History
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