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Physical Therapist Assistant

Associate in Applied Science

Modes of Instruction

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Physical Therapist Assistants help to improve the function and overall health of each patient they care for with the use of exercise and pain relieving agents. The Kaskaskia College Physical Therapist Assistant program focuses on preparing students to meet the ever-changing demands in the health care field and takes a hands-on approach to learning in both the classroom and laboratory settings.

*Fully accredited program by Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education

*State-of-the-art facility and equipment which simulates the workplace

*Multiple clinical affiliations including specialized physical therapy settings

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Program Philosophy

The philosophy of the Physical Therapist Assistant Program addresses the need for the program to be built on a balance of course work in social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences, which is appropriate in depth and breadth, to develop the ability in students to think independently, to weigh values, to understand fundamental theory, and to develop skills for clinical practice, including critical thinking and communication. With commitment to a strong competency-based foundation, continued education, and experience, the number of competencies should be adequate for entry-level and those existing competencies develop into proficiencies in a lifelong continuum.

The spirit of this criterion is to assure that students are well prepared in the scientific, technical, and behavioral aspects of physical therapy practice and in the foundational arts and sciences that allow practitioners to be critical thinkers and enlightened decision makers.

Program Mission

The Physical Therapist Assistant Program mission is committed to student learning in order to produce an entry-level physical therapist assistant for the labor market while fostering attitudes toward life long education and development of skills.

Program Details


Physical Therapist Assistant Faculty

Michelle Wessel

Michelle Wessel

Physical Therapy Assistant Program Coordinator
Cheryl Rushing

Cheryl Rushing

Assistant Professor Physical Therapy Assistant Program

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Physical Therapy Assistant Program Coordinator

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