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Modes of Instruction

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Broaden your knowledge of the mass communication field and sharpen your writing skills by enrolling in journalism courses. The introduction to Mass Communication course offers students an overview of the responsibilities and functions of the mass communication industries in a global environment with an emphasis on the media’s role in America society. The JRNL 101 course is a transferable course for many communication and media arts programs.


JRNL 101: Introduction to Mass Communication

JRNL 102: Journalistic Writing

JRNL 103: Copy Editing & Rewriting

JRNL 104: Photojournalism

Program Details

Discipline Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will identify the historical significance and the power of the mass media. 
  • Students will recognize the role of mass media in the shaping of and in the reflecting of our individual and cultural values as well as in government. 
  • Students will identify the process of the newspaper business and the special concerns in journalism—from sources, to legal issues, to advertising, marketing and public relations. 
  • Students will demonstrate good news judgment in determining what is relevant and what isn’t, thereby promoting professionalism and an ethical context. 
  • Students will formulate and develop their ideas by applying the journalistic writing process through writing organized and coherent articles, editing, and photography skills.

Gen Ed Student Learning Outcomes

  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication


Brandi Wilkins

Brandi Wilkins

Professor of Speech
Susan Hardebeck

Susan Hardebeck

Professor of English
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