Patient Assessment

Course Overview

Course Code: PARM-132

Department: Paramedicine

Credit Hours: 3.00

Textbook Information: Bookstore website

This course provides paramedic students with the principles of patient assessment. Techniques of conducting a comprehensive history and physical exam are presented. This course builds on the assessment skills taught in the basic EMT course, emphasizing advanced-level patient assessment and clinical decision making at the scene, along with ways to use these new skills to assess patients in the field. Topics include scene safety, the initial assessment, the focused history and physical exam of medical and trauma patients, the detailed physical exam, and the ongoing assessment principles of communication and communication technology are presented to emphasize the importance of verbal reports. Principles of good documentation are presented to conclude the course. Concurrent enrollment in PARM 120.

Course Schedule


Term: Fall 2022

Section Name: PARM-132-HY01E

Location: Main Campus

Available Seats: 12

Faculty Name: S. Durbin, T. Field, C. Adams, C. Field

Min Credits: 3.00


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