HI in Non-Traditional Setting

Course Overview

Course Code: HITC-214

Department: Health Inform Tech

Credit Hours: 2.00

Textbook Information: Bookstore website

A study of health information management (HIM) in various health care settings. Includes an overview of the setting, documentation requirements, regulatory issues, reimbursement, information management, quality assessment, utilization, and risk management/legal issues, role of the HIM professional and trends. Prerequisite: A minimum grade of "C" in OFTC 150, OFTC 256, CITA 151, OFTC 151, OFTC 152, OFTC 253, OFTC 260, OFTC 254, HITC 102, HITC 103, HITC 201, OFTC 257, OFTC 258, OFTC 285. A minimum grade of "C" or concurrent enrollment in HITC 212, 203, 202, 213. Or consent of program coordinator.

Course Schedule


Term: 2021SP

Section Name: HITC-214-OL01D

Location: Online

Available Seats: 23

Faculty Name: K. Rickhoff

Min Credits: 2.00

Comments: The Bookstore Fee (BKFEE)covers the cost of the digital materials for this class, which will be available through Canvas the first day of class. There is no physical textbook required for this class. An email with additional information will be sent to the student email of those students who register for this class.

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