Course Overview

Course Code: DFTG-202

Department: Drafting

Credit Hours: 4.00

Textbook Information: Bookstore website

This course covers basic through advanced AutoDesk Inventor drafting software. AutoDesk Inventor is a mechanical design assembly, three dimensional solid molding and two-dimensional drawing production software. The course is focused on 3 dimensional functions and applications. You will explore the AutoDesk Inventor parametric solid modeling environment, interface components, basic file management tools, and specific part model commands and creation techniques. Advanced assignments focus on assemblies, weldments, and presentations. Students will complete activities to create not only good technical skills but practice the 10 traits that form the core of our Work Ethic curriculum. Prerequisite: Completion of DFTG 126 with a grade of C or consent of instructor requires a general knowledge of standard AutoCAD and windows operation

Course Schedule


Term: 2021FA

Section Name: DFTG-202-FB01D

Location: Main Campus

Available Seats: 22

Faculty Name: R. Jervis

Min Credits: 4.00

Comments: Students cannot register online for the Drafting classes. This is a flex time program allowing students to arrange contact hours during the assigned lab hours. Students must stop by the drafting lab within the first week of class for information and instruction on getting started. FLEXIBLE BLENDED Students & Faculty work together to choose to come to campus, stay home and watch a live stream, or watch the recorded class before the next course session

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