Community Education EMT

Course Overview

Course Code: COED-5110

Department: Community Education

Credit Hours: 0.00

This is a noncredit course and does not provide college credit. The study of how to respond to emergency calls to provide proper emergency care to the critically ill or injured and how to handle, extricate and transport patients to a medical facility, with the goal of saving lives. Includes determining the nature and extent of illness or injury, establishing priorities for required emergency care and maintaining basic life support services. (opening and maintaining airway, performing CPR, control of bleeding treatment of sick, bandaging wounds, care of fractures, childbirth, medical, environmental and psychological emergencies, patient packaging, triage and disaster management, vehicle extrication, ambulance operations and radio communication and records.

Course Schedule


Term: 2020NSP

Section Name: COED-5110-BI01E

Location: Trenton

Available Seats: 10

Faculty Name: M. Buss

Min Credits: 0.00


Term: 2020NSP

Section Name: COED-5110-BI02D

Location: Farina

Available Seats: 3

Faculty Name: T. Field

Min Credits: 0.00


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